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If you enjoy experiencing wild animals in their natural element, you’ve come to the right place! The beautiful, awe-inspiring and rugged mountains, gorgeous forests, open meadows and pristine waters of the June Lake Loop region are home to some of the Eastern Sierra’s most awe-inspiring wildlife.

In The Loop, you’re never far from nature’s majestic creatures. Spotting a black bear or deer can be as simple as looking out your window. Several larger mammal species including bobcats, coyotes, foxes, and deer call June Lake Loop home. Chipmunks, golden mantled ground squirrels, rabbits, and Douglas tree squirrels make frequent appearances.

Black bears and mountain lions roam the more remote areas of The Loop. Care should be taken with pets and small children especially after dark. 

Birds thrive in The Loop too, with hundreds of species documented in the area, making June Lake Loop a favorite place for birdwatchers. Birds seen in the region include bald eagles, ospreys, Clarks nut crackers, ducks, mergansers, coots, and ever present Stellar Jays.

June Lake Loop boasts endless opportunities to see wildlife at its finest and most fun. Be safe and respect our wildlife residents is the rule!


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