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Why Live in June Lake?

Thinking of moving to June Lake? For anyone who has visited June Lake, it isn’t hard to imagine why anyone would want to make June Lake either their permanent residence or a location for their ideal vacation home!

June Lake feels worlds away from civilization, yet still provides enough amenities and activities to keep any resident – or visitor – busy any time of the year. Shopping and conveniences aren’t so far away, and those who move to June Lake find friends and family “left behind” are always eager to visit!

And why wouldn’t they? The truth is that June Lake is a special place. The seasons are unparalleled in their beauty and variety. The Eastern Sierra is always exciting with varied and often intense weather and endless recreation opportunities. The scenery is top notch.

The people who call June Lake their home are varied and amazing, with enough residents here year around to instill a real sense of community. You can become as involved as you want in the small community. 

You can make a home for your family where you kids can grow up playing outdoors in clean, crisp air. Where you never have to sit in traffic. You are more likely to deal with bears getting into your garbage cans, and deer eating your plants than criminals you might have to deal with in a big city. The pace of life is slower and quieter, ideal for creatives of all sorts to find inspiration for writing, artistic endeavors, and hobbyists. 

Fisherman are drawn to the pristine lakes in the summer. Skiers appreciate June Mountains Family Vibe in the winter. Families are drawn to June Lake Beach in the Summer as well. The loop has been referred to as the Switzerland of California. Clearly this is a very unique and special place. So the question is, why wouldn’t you want to live here?


Mailing Address

June Lake Loop COC
PO Box 2
June Lake CA 93529


June Lake Loop Visitor Center
2603 CA-158
June Lake CA 93529

Open Daily
10 AM – 5 PM