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Fishmas - Fishing Opening Day

Fishmas – Fishing Opening Day occurs the last Saturday in April and is the event that officially kicks off the beginning of the summer season of fishing activities. This is a very busy weekend in the Loop, when many groups return each year to enjoy the opening day activities in the company of family and friends.

Mono County and local businesses fund the stocking of trophy trout into the lakes in preparation for the beginning of the fishing season and continue to resupply the Loop lakes throughout the summer. 

The Chamber of Commerce has established a fund to collect donations for this effort via the Chamber’s online store and through donation containers placed at many local businesses in the Loop. There are several contests for Fishmas Day including prizes for largest fish by age group.


Mailing Address

June Lake Loop COC
PO Box 2
June Lake CA 93529


June Lake Loop Visitor Center
2603 CA-158
June Lake CA 93529

Open Daily
10 AM – 5 PM