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Welcome to June Lake! David and Denise Naaden of Reverse Creek Lodge and their 13 children believe that the June Lake Loop is California's pristine nature getaway. Nestled in the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountain range, the "Loop" possesses the breathtaking, unspoiled beauty of nearby Yosemite without the congestion.Image

The Naaden family, i.e., Dad, Mom, and their 9 boys and 4 girls ages 32-7 years old, have immersed themselves in their lodging business, unsullied woodland environment, and home education for 15 years; and loving it! Chris, the eldest Naaden son, age 32, enjoys the community's annual events like the Firemen's Barbeque (second Saturday of August), the Jazz Festival (second weekend of July), and the Triathalon (second Saturday of July). April, Chris's wife and their 4 small children spend time playing at picturesque Gull Lake Park. With almost endless miles of hiking trails, the family's favorites are the Fern Creek/Yost Lake, Rush Creek to Agnew Lake, and Parker and Walker Lake trails. Douglas, 30, and Gregory, 29, have adventurously scaled the enormous granite Carson Peak that towers 10,892 feet above sea level. Doug also enjoys horseback riding into the backcountry to gaze at spectacular views of the entire horseshoe canyon and Mono Lake. Greg, on the other hand, prefers zooming down winding dirt trails on a 4-wheeler or motorcycle.


The older girls, Elizabeth, 27, and Therese, 25, love meandering through the alpine village's unique shops and lunching at a lakeside cafe. While the younger girls, Susanna, 10, and Marguerite, 7, enjoy riding a pontoon on June Lake, feeding ducks at the marina, and frolicking around the meadow picking wildflowers. David and Denise appreciate a relaxing dinner at a restaurant with excellent cuisine. The Naadens also enjoy swimming and kayaking in June Lake, paddleboating on Gull Lake, rubber rafting at Silver Lake, and various other water sports permissible on Grant Lake after 10:30 a.m. Peter, 22, has a favorite fishing hole at Rush Creek. He relishes throwing the line and catching a rainbow trout or a German brown. ImageMichael, 21, the philosopher and organist, connects with the solitude and peace of nature. Reverse Creek's murmur and the wind's rustling of the wind through the quaking aspen encourage his thoughts. The pianist, Philip, 17, also finds this secluded environment conducive to practicing his Chopin piece or composing music. He is cheered on by mountain chickadees singing their Spring call to accompany him. Stephen, 19, is a stargazer. Far from city lights, he breaks out the telescope, tracking constellations and planets throughout their seasonal rotations. Junior ranger William, 15, opts for wild animals and is an expert on squirrels, chipmunks, raccoons, coyotes, and deer.A friend to does and fawns, Will, also is interested in the California black bear, who occasionally stirs things up when he can't break into a bear-proof dumpster, then lumbers away through his territory. The bird watcher is Robert, 13, who employs his high power binoculors to scope American bald eagles nesting in the tall pines, redheaded woodpeckers pecking away, and graceful blue herons in Reversed Creek. Reverse Creek Lodge's 5 A-frames are situated on a 1.18 acre promenade with a fantastic view of Carson Peak, the center-piece mountain of the Loop. Reverse Creek meanders through the forest below. June Mountain Ski Area is less than a half-mile away. The A-frames accommodate 4-6 people have 2 full baths, completely equipped kitchens, gas-log fireplaces, cable TV with VCR & DVD, high speed internet access and decks with furniture and propane barbeques. Rates range from $150-185. Reverse Creek Lodge's 9 cabins are located on a 3 acre forested parcel with Reversed Creek flowing nearby. The cabins consist of 2 large two bedroom cabins (duplex with adjoining door), 3 small two bedroom cabins, and 4 one bedroom cabins. They have completely equipped kitchens, gas-log fireplaces, cabin TV with VCR & DVD, high speed internet access and decks with furniture and propane barbeques. Rates are from $95-150. The private residence cabin has 4 bedrooms, built-in kitchen, 2 full baths, washer, dryer, cable TV with VCR & DVD and a cable modem for high speed internet access. The deck with furniture and propane barbecue overlooks Reverse Creek. The price is $285-$335. quot;Our family welcomes yours!

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Yosemite Regional Transportation System has convenient stops withinin the June Lake Loop.  YARTS  provides affordable and comfortable transportation to and from Yosemite National Park and connects to other Buses, Trains and airline services in Central California.



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The June Lake Loop is located within beautiful Mono County, California.