Mono Lake

ImageMono Lake, an ancient, inland salty sea filled with history, beauty and mystery, is approximately 10 miles north of June Lake.

Its salt waters sustain a unique biosphere where tiny brine shrimp feed millions of migrating birds each year. Mono Lake has two volcanic islands; strange formations called Tufas, and unusual shorelines surrounded by a volcanic landscape and bordered on the west by the dramatic Yosemite border high country of the eastern Sierra Nevada mountains.

Enjoy the spectacular tufa towers through a self-guided walking tour on the shoreline at the Seal Beach side of the lake. These unusual towers are piled-up mineral deposits formed beneath the water's surface when mineral-rich spring water mixes with salt lake water.

The California State Park, US Forest Service and the Mono Lake Committee offer guided walks, kayak and canoe tours, a museum and a visitor center to stimulate interest and provide information.


 Mono Lake National Forest Scenic Area Visitor Center