Principal Business Member

Support the livelihood and vitality of the June Lake Loop community with your full Principal Business level membership.

Along with all voting rights at general membership meetings, your preferred business listing will be featured in our promotional programs including your fully customizable and search-optimized business listing page on this website, as well as listings when available on our published business guides in our paid advertising programs (such as the Mono County Visitor Guide).

By submitting payment you are applying for membership in the June Lake Loop Chamber of Commerce and agree to the non-profit purposes of the corporation: 

"To promote civic consciusness by means of active participation in constructive projects which will promote the County, State, and Nation.  The purposes...shall not be for the protection, promotion or stimulation of any business organized for profit."

Our Mission Statement:  "To continue to preserve and promote a strong economy and quality of life for overall well-being and vitality, particularly within and near the community of June Lake, and the central Mono County area."